Get impeccable fundas for sureshot success by Guru Ananth

Get impeccable fundas for sureshot success by Guru Ananth

Digital Marketing Workshop by Guru Ananth
Live session of Ananth V, Digital Marketing Guru at IIM Indore, Mumbai campus
  • Humanize your brand. This is especially important in this digital world where everything is getting automated.
  • Before deciding on the ‘what’, decide on the ‘how’. Start your Digital Marketing Execution with a Goal in Mind.
  • Always follow the 50-30-20 rule while developing content. Make sure that 50% of the content describes things about your brand, 30% of the content describes the value proposition of your brand and the remaining 20% about others.
  • While selecting a URL for a blog, keep aside numbers and special characters. Try to keep your URL simple and relevant.
  • DO NOT ever assume that your blog is going to be read by a 20-year old kid. It could also be read by a 80-year old grandma. Design and curate your content accordingly.

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